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8 Bizarre Things That People Found Hidden At The Center Of Everyday Items

The thing about ordinary objects is they’re just that—ordinary. From the kitchen toaster to the pencils on your desk, there’s little about them that would make you think they’re hiding anything special.

While nearly all of us handle these sort of items regularly without much thought, in many cases, they’re a lot more fascinating—and surprising!—than we might realize.

Here are 8 photos of ordinary items that had some very unusual things hidden inside them. They’re so odd that seeing them might convince you to start investigating everything around you!

1. Take a look at this dog toy that was destroyed. The doll on the left was the original toy, and it was full of smiles and good vibes. Underneath it, however, was a sad plush toy who probably didn’t want to come out and play.

2. Do you remember those snap bracelets when you were in grade school? The way they instantly rolled around your arm was so cool, but how did they work? Turns out recycled measuring tape was the key to the snap!

3. This person broke a bocce ball playing what must have been one of the most intense games of ever. Nevertheless, when they peered inside the crack, they were stunned to see what looked like a pool ball peeking out at them!

4. This bra certainly has an interesting and—let’s be honest—slightly creepy design on the inside of its cups. It makes you wonder if it feels like your bust is being held by a strangers’ hands while you wear it! Let’s hope not.

5. Talk about getting your money’s worth when you go shopping! This person bit into a grape, and they found a second, smaller grape inside. That’s what people call a twofer, and hopefully they’re all like this one.

6. Whoever bought this product simply wanted a spray to get the odor out of their shoes. They didn’t intend on buying women’s deodorant spray instead! The good thing is that it probably works just the same.

7. This person’s curiosity got the best of them, and they just had to see what the inner workings of a golf ball were like. What they found inside was a dull-colored rubber, which was probably not what they were expecting.

8. This discovery was pretty cool. This ceramic frog was accidentally dropped onto the ground, where it shattered. Inside, however, were two miniature statues of snowmen! This person lost their summer decoration but gained two winter ones!