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Bully Picking A Fight Is Surprised With A Serious Beatdown From His ‘Victim’

Around 77 percent of kids are believed to be bullied mentally, physically, or verbally in their lifetimes. It’s a serious problem in our world that is difficult to deal with.

Teaching kids how to defend themselves from bullying is important. This doesn’t necessarily mean suggesting that they resort to violence, of course, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to learn basic self-defense, just in case.

That being said, it’s hard to argue with how this kid dealt with his bully. Right when the instigator charges him, looking for a fight, he responds with a swift beatdown…

Over the years, bullying has become a bigger and bigger problem worldwide. It’s estimated that nearly 77 percent of children are bullied either mentally, physically, or verbally at some point during their lifetime.


Although it can happen anywhere, the schoolyard seems to be where most of it occurs. If you’re the parent of a child who is the victim of bullying, having them learn basic self-defense can be a great tool. You never want them to resort to violence in any situation, but skillfully defending themselves from a physical attack is sometimes necessary.


What started out as an average day at this high school turned into quite a rowdy show when word spread that two seniors were going to fight. No one knew the history between the students involved, but everyone rushed to the parking lot when school let out to see what was going to happen…


It seemed that nearly the entire student body was headed to get a front row seat; fights, after all, always drew big crowds. As more and more of the student body approached the cement lot, they could finally see the two boys who were preparing to square off.


At first, it seemed like fists weren’t going to fly. Both students were just yelling loudly and cursing at each other. It became evident that the student in the white shirt had a bone to pick with the other, and he was gradually becoming angrier with every second that passed. How exactly was this about to unfold?


The boy in the plaid shirt wanted to talk out their problem. The last thing he seemed to want to do was find himself in the center of a physical conflict. Not only would he sustain injuries, but the repercussions from the school would be even worse.


Still, the boy in white kept walking toward him, hands balled into fists. The other students knew that it was just a matter of time before one of them threw a punch. People were pulling out their phones to record whatever was about to go down.


Finally, the boy in plaid realized that he wasn’t going to be able to talk this problem out. Little did his aggressor know, he had been taking mixed martial arts classes several days a week, and he was prepared to defend himself in any way necessary.


The boy in plaid decided that if his attacker was going to come at him, he needed to make sure that he was ready. The student in white leaned in to throw the first punch, but the boy in plaid was prepared. He responded with a swift kick to the waist, and that’s when all hell broke loose…

As soon as the boy in plaid connected with his kick, the crowd went crazy! Watch the cell phone footage below to see how this scuffle ended. Would the boy in plaid finally be able to prove to the bully that he wouldn’t stand for his hurtful antics anymore?

Luckily, the victim in this video had some MMA training, which isn’t the worst way to deal with your bully. Clearly, violence is never the answer, but sometimes you just have to defend yourself.

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