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Everyone Needs To Know What It Means To See A Green Light Outside Someone’s House

It takes a certain person to be able to become a member of the United States Armed Forces. Not only do these brave men and women risk their lives overseas, but they miss countless life events back home.

Although some veterans come back from tours of duty unscathed, many return with physical and mental scars. Although you can’t tell when they are out of uniform, these folks often sacrificed so much for their fellow countrymen’s rights and freedoms.

Because veterans don’t wear uniforms, some feel they don’t receive the appreciation they deserve. However, people around the country are now doing something special to say “thank you” to those veterans—and it’s something you need to see.

Even in times of peace, we rely on the brave men and women of our armed services to do whatever it takes to protect our country and to keep us and our families safe from any sort of potential harm.

We may be inundated with photographs and footage of different battles almost every day on the internet or television, but the simple fact remains: when a conflict is happening on foreign soil, it can be all too easy to put it out of our minds.

It isn’t so easy for the men and women who go fight in these battles, however. When they are overseas, they work long, strenuous, and often deadly shifts. Operating in that kind of stress can make life back home more difficult than ever.

Although some veterans get the chance to return to their homes, they can often find that leaving the war behind is difficult. Thankfully, some folks out there are doing something pretty exceptional for them. And it all starts with a simple green lightbulb…

While there are many programs to help veterans reintegrate into daily life as a civilian, shaking the memories of what they’ve witnessed can be hard. That’s why few programs are as emotionally resonant as Greenlight A Vet.

The trauma of war is something that each soldier faces in their own way. Some return home with physical injuries, while other suffer from PTSD. This can make them feel invisible. That’s why the folks at Wal-Mart devised this simple idea…

Given that you can’t tell if a person is a veteran by glance alone, Wal-Mart is asking people to put a green light on their porch in a silent gesture of support for our veterans. It’s that simple!

Many feel it’s their duty to support the troops, and that support does not end just because a soldier is no longer serving. Wal-Mart believes that Greenlight A Vet is a great way to show just how much their sacrifices mean to you.

To fully participate, you only need a green light and a porch. After the light is installed, you can go online and add your house to the Greenlight A Vet map. You can also see how many other people across the country have joined in.

If you want to thank the men and women of our armed forces for everything they do, then you need to watch this video about Greenlight A Vet and see how you can help make a difference in their lives…

It’s amazing that Wal-Mart sponsored this initiative to help people show their support. Don’t forget to change one of your lightbulbs outside your home and honor our veterans!

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