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Here Are 5 Of The Most Upsetting Child Ghost Stories That Have Ever Been Told

For as long as there have been campfires, people have gathered around to swap scary stories. Some of the most popular ones are, of course, ghost stories. There’s just something perfect about snuggling up with your friends and family and trying to scare the wits out of each other!

While every ghost story has its own charm, there is something particularly haunting about those starring children. The tragedy of these young people forced to remain on Earth trying to resolve their unfinished business adds even more sadness to these anecdotes. If you love ghost stories, you need to read these 5 totally eerie tales!

1. Ghostly children of New Orleans: The city of New Orleans is known for being exceptionally haunted, and the Andrew Jackson hotel at the city’s center is no exception. In the 19th century, a major fire swept through the building, taking the lives of many—including the children who lived there…

While the hotel was completely renovated after the fire and still welcomes guests today, many have reported seeing the ghosts of children, lost and crying, roaming the halls of the hotel by night. Spooky!

2. San Antonio’s railroad children: Texas is a state with more than its fair share of local legends. One of the most haunting is what is said to happen if you sprinkle flour on the bumper of your car and idle on the train tracks in San Antonio.

The legend goes that a group of children playing on the tracks were struck and killed by a train. If you park your car on the tracks nowadays, the ghostly children will roll you to safety. They even leave fingerprints in the flour on your bumper!

3. The sobbing child of Little Moreton Hall: The English countryside is dotted with old castles and manor homes that have been converted into museums, hotels, and other attractions over the years. Naturally, this makes it a hotbed of supernatural activity.

Some of those buildings are a little scarier than others. In Cheshire, England, at Little Moreton Hall, overnight visitors can bank on a visit from a child specter who is known to wail and sob throughout the night in the hall’s chapel.

4. Crybaby Bridge: Strangely enough, there are bridges all over America that share this name. They earn it because they’re home to the sound of ghostly infant weeping. The story behind this legend is quite dark, too…

Perhaps the most frightening of these bridges is located in Alderson, Oklahoma. The tale goes that a young woman was repeatedly raped by her father and would throw their unwanted offspring off this bridge under cover of night.

5. The radiant boy: The phenomenon of “radiant boys” is truly haunting. This is the title given to any spirit that appears in the form of a naked, glowing male ghost. A radiant boy materializes out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly.

Stories about adult ghosts are scary enough, but there’s something even more haunting when the ghost in question is that of a child. Just plain spooky!

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