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September 27, 2017
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Innocent-Looking Pile Of Rocks Is Actually Hiding A Terrifying Secret Right In Plain Sight

Art comes in many different forms. From sculptures to paintings and everything in between, the great masters share their creations in an almost infinite variety of mediums.

There’s one artist in Austria, though, whose work might just change our understanding of what’s possible. When he picks up a paintbrush and gets to work, you might think he’s gone a little crazy.

Just wait until you see his mind-blowing finished products…

Artists employ all sorts of mediums to create their work. Some of them use a simple paintbrush to make their masterpieces, while others mold their works out of clay or glass. One thing’s for certain, though: there’s no one correct way to produce art.

Austrian artist Johannes Stötter has spent years perfecting his craft. But the canvas he uses for his creations is very… unique, to say the least. You’ll be stunned at what he’s able to do. Not only that, but it might take you a minute to figure out just how he’s done it!


Johannes is a painter by trade. He’s willing to paint on any canvas, no matter the shape or size, so long as it fits one unusual requirement. See, this bizarre image might look like a photograph of rocks, but it’s not…

In reality, Johannes is a body painter! Using meticulous attention to detail, he carefully conceals his human subjects in everyday still-life arrangements. It takes hours to paint his models, but the finished products are nothing short of mind-bending.


Some of Johannes’ models are so camouflaged that you wouldn’t ever know they were there unless someone pointed them out. It took years of practice to learn how to paint the human body like this. What would inspire someone like Johannes to do something like this, though?

Johannes says his inspiration comes from the changing seasons, nature, and everyday objects. He never really has a complete idea of what he’s going to paint until the feeling overcomes him. Then, he gets to work and doesn’t stop until his vision is complete.

The way he visualizes the world is unlike anything else. All artists have a natural gift to see things in a creative way that most other people aren’t able to, but Johannes is taking art to an entirely different level—and it’s clear that his fans love it!

The detail that he’s able to capture on skin is incredible. The texture doesn’t allow for any errors to be made, so Johannes plans his ideas out thoroughly before he even puts one single drop of paint onto his human canvases.



At first glance, this looks like it’s nothing more than a picture of four people enjoying a nice meal. But, then you see it: a person is lying on the table! It doesn’t matter what the pattern is, Johannes can replicate it perfectly. That marble must have really taken some work, though.body-art-10

This is, arguably, one of his best pieces of work. The way the three people blend into the couch wall and paintings is so neat. A masterpiece like this takes countless hours to produce, but Johannes will spend as long as it takes.


Johannes Stötter’s work can only be described as stunning. People all over the world love trying to decipher his body-paint illusions. Can you blame them? It’s like a real life Where’s Waldo? book!

What Johannes can accomplish with just a paintbrush and a patient model is pretty astounding. Imagine the pranks you could pull on people if you could make something like this?

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