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Massive Glowing Ball Over Siberia Has Residents Fearing For Their Lives

The existence of aliens is something that hasn’t officially been proven (as far as we know), but there are plenty of people who believe that extraterrestrial life is out there. The universe is so vast—and we’ve explored so little of it—so it’s highly unlikely that we humans are the only species that exist.

Recently, in northern Siberia, a strange orb of florescent light appeared in the night sky. People all over the area were terrified that extraterrestrial beings had finally arrived on Earth.

But was the light actually caused by visitors from another galaxy? Or was it something else entirely?

No one is absolutely sure whether aliens exist, but there are plenty of “believers” out there who like to think that humans aren’t the only intelligent life in the universe. Recently, in northern Siberia, strange lights were seen in the sky that had many of the residents crying, “Aliens!”


The light formation appeared late at night over the town of Salekhard. Residents from all over stood in awe staring up at the sky while the colorful illumination hovered above their homes and buildings.

Not long after the light appeared in the sky, social media outlets erupted with claims that aliens had landed. People everywhere were going crazy over this florescent spectacle in the sky. But was it actually a sign of visitors from another planet?

Extraordinary pictures of the glowing ball were captured by lead Siberian photographer Sergey Anisimov who was equally as startled—and mesmerized—by the massive hovering shape as everyone else. So, what was it?

Much to the disappointment of UFO fanatics everywhere, it was most likely not a visitation from extraterrestrials. Even though the source of the light hasn’t been confirmed, one theory claimed that it was caused by four rockets that were thought to be launched into the night sky by the Russian military.

Why did some people think it was Russian rockets, you may ask? In 2009, in the skies over Norway, a similar orb of glowing light was spotted; that incident was caused by a failed missile launch. The reflection of the sun on leaking fuel in the sky created the incredible illusion.

Still, people all over the country were up in arms while the light hovered above them. At first, some believed it to be a massive searchlight, but the speed at which it was moving and changing colors didn’t support that idea.

Then, that Friday, a Russian newspaper reported that President Vladimir Putin oversaw the launch of four enormous nuclear-capable ballistic missiles for a Russian nuclear strategy training exercise near northern Siberia…

It was theorized the reason behind the launch was to frighten Western powers by showing off the immense amount of nuclear power Russia has at their fingertips. Putin has never been one to shy away from intimidating tactics, after all.

The traces of one of these four rockets could have caused the glowing sphere of light. Similar to the lights in 2009 over Norway, the fuel that fills the rockets can appear to glow in the sky when hit by sunlight, giving them the appearance of an otherworldly visitor.

But, there’s still one other theory that exists: the orb could’ve been caused by remnants of the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. The town of Salekhard straddles the Arctic Circle, and traces of the Northern Lights have been seen by residents in the past…

No matter what caused the orb—whether it was rockets, the Northern Lights, or something even stranger—people all over the world were mesmerized by the scene. One thing’s for sure: until any confirmation on their origin is made, some people will still cross their fingers hoping it was a sign of extraterrestrial contact.

Whatever the light was, it sure looked awesome! Seeing that orb in the night sky above your home would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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