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Simple But Genius Ideas That Need To Be Implemented In Every Country Immediately

As advanced as the technology in the modern world may be, it has yet to solve each and every one of our daily frustrations. Sure, we have iPhones and wireless charging and all sorts of other fancy stuff, but that doesn’t mean we still couldn’t make tech even better.

The thing is, plenty of people have made improvements to everyday technology that could change our lives for the better—we just might not know about them yet. When you see all of these genius ideas that are already out there in the world, you’ll wonder why they’re not being used everywhere!

1. In Ukraine, they use traffic lights that don’t just tell you whether it’s time to “go,” “slow down” or “stop.” Instead, the entire structure lights up beautifully! It’s an effective way to make sure everyone can see the color of the light.

2. This water fountain was designed so that both humans and their dogs can easily drink from it! It’s something so simple, but it could really make a huge difference for your thirsty pup—while not wasting water.

3. This “accessibility mat” was placed on a beach to make it easier for people with strollers and wheelchairs to get closer to the water. Talk about a lifesaver! Why don’t these exist on every beach?

4. This toothpaste container provides an itemized list of ingredients with brief, yet clear, descriptions of what their actual function is. It’s honest, and makes it a bit less scary to see some of the unusual things that go into your dental hygiene!

5. The call button for this elevator is about 30 feet away from the doors. That may sound unusual, but when you think about how long it can take for the lift to arrive, this means by the time you’ve made it to the doors, it might already be there!

There’s nothing stopping people from making these inventions more widely known, so let’s get the word out there! Each one can definitely make life a whole lot easier.

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