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June 11, 2018
June 18, 2018

The Absolute Weirdest Things To Have Ever ‘Rained’ Down From The Sky

No matter what type of climate you live in, sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with bad weather. For many people, this means putting up with a lot of rain. Usually, we all grin and bear it, because we know that rain is good for the planet, but precipitation of any kind is mostly an inconvenience.

However, not all rain is created equal. After all, it’s only good for the planet when the rain in question is actually water! Check out these 20 instances when something other than water rained from the skies. You’ll get goosebumps when you see them…

1. Spiders: Imagine you’re driving along, minding your own business, when you’re suddenly caught in a downpour of spiders. The Anelosimus eximius spider weave their webs up high in the trees, so in the 1970s, when a strong wind blew, they all came swirling down to Earth.

2. Golf balls: Witnessed were baffled when a town in Florida was pelted with gold balls from the sky in 1969. Meteorologists figured out that a tornado had picked up the balls from a local golf course; when the storm dissipated, the balls fell down. Fore!

3. Meat: One small town in New York in 1876 got the shock of a lifetime when meat began to rain down from the sky. The reason? Buzzards that had just feasted on dead horses dropped the remains as they flew overhead. Blerg.

4. Non-dairy creamer: In 1969, in a small town in South Carolina, clumps of non-dairy creamer rained down, mystifying everyone who saw it. Apparently, the local factory that made the stuff was having serious issues with its exhaust system!

5. Frogs: While it might sound downright biblical, frogs can rain down for more mundane reasons. Tornadoes that form over lakes, called waterspouts, can pull up the unlucky amphibians and deposit them elsewhere, just like the one that hit Oklahoma in 1992!

6. Worms: A soccer team in the United Kingdom was sent running indoors when they got pelted with earthworms from the sky in 1995. There were no tornadoes reported in the area, though, and the origin of the wormy rain is still a mystery.

7. Human body: In 2014, a mother and her child were driving home when a human body dropped from the sky and broke through their windshield. It turned out that two planes collided, killing 122 people onboard; one of the victims landed on her car.

8. A cow: In February 2011, two Japanese fishermen were arrested for claiming that a cow fell from the sky and crushed their ship—but they weren’t lying. Russian officials later admitted that the cow was thrown off one of their planes when it proved to be more trouble than it was worth; the fishermen were promptly released.

9. Money: In the mid-1950s, the residents of one small town in France woke up to find franc bills falling from the sky. To this day, no one is sure what caused this strange phenomenon and many remain skeptical that it ever happened!

10. Blood: In Colombia in the 1960s, a red liquid was said to sprinkle on one town. When tested by scientists, the liquid was, in fact, blood! Local priests believed that the blood was a sign that the town needed to change its ways. There have been no reports of bloody rain since.

Can you imagine just going about your business and suddenly spotting a shark—or poop—falling from the sky? These stories are just utterly nuts.

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